Be a Part

1. PRAY: I know everyone says this. It’s almost cliche. But please don’t just go on to #2 or to another place on the site. My 1st mentor, Brother Mel Brewer once said, “Prayer is not the ‘least you can do,’ it’s the ‘MOST YOU CAN DO!'”  The BIG vision of Win and Grow, in a nutshell, is EVERY BELIEVER ~ A DISCIPLER. That’s a tall order. Can anything for God be accomplished without God?!? So, please pray for us — that we will be sensitive to hear His voice and diligent to follow His leading; that we will have His provision to accomplish His will in and through us, that will do our part in seeing His purposes fulfilled.

2. READ: THE RELUCTANT EVANGELIST: Embrace Your Gifts and Fulfill God’s Purposes. This 50-Day devo will take you on a journey that is designed to inspire, encourage, and equip ANY & ALL believers to share their faith with confidence and peace when God opens the door do so. It will help deepen your relationship with God, increase your understanding of how God made you, and show you how to focus your gifts on fulfilling God’s purpose. You can Win and Grow a disciple!

3. JOIN US: Perhaps the mission of “Win and Grow” to see more believers actively involved in outreach and discipleship has been on your heart also! We are looking for Spirit led leaders all over the United States and the World! Go to “Contact” on this site and provide the info we need to be able to touch base with you.

4. DONATE: “Win and Grow” ministers on a love offering basis. Many groups who need our services cannot really afford to meet all the expenses. We don’t want to exclude any group, no matter how small. We are a fully approved non-profit with 501(c)(3) status, so your gift will be tax deductible. A receipt will be e-mailed to you.