Are you excited about this new year? I am. Perhaps it’s because I almost died in December of 2015. Long story – short: I had a kidney stone that caused a blockage that caused an infection that almost killed me! So I spent December with surgeries, sick, and recovering. So, I’m very grateful, and I’m excited about 2016!

What if everyone in your community reaches someone for Christ in 2016? What would it look like by the end of the year!?


We are the best fed and best equipped Church in the His-story of the world!

So, what do you do? Start with prayer. Ask the Lord “who?” Make a list of people to pray for: friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives. Pray for each one every day and also ask the Lord to give you the opportunity to share the Gospel.

YIKES! SCARY! That’s why Win and Grow has provided a tool – a 50-Day devotional, “THE RELUCTANT EVANGELIST: Embrace YOUR Gifts and Fulfill God’s Purpose.” It is just one of many tools available to you. You can download it from Amazon for the price of a fast food combo meal! (There’s an Amazon button on my home page.) But spend a little more and get the paperback so you can journal each day! EASTER is coming. Get ready to just tell your own irrefutable story!

2016 is the year to “EACH ONE ~ REACH ONE!” God will help you! You can do it!

One Response to “EACH ONE ~ REACH ONE in 2016”

  1. Dave Kachele

    Thanks Damon. Please take a moment to preview the devo, “THE RELUCTANT EVANGELIST: Embrace Your Gifts and Fulfill God’s Purpose.” I’m sure you will find it helpful in your desire to fulfill God’s purpose in your life, and in the lives of many others in your Christian Community. ChkItOut and get back to me with your feedback.
    Blessings, Dave