GOALS FOR 2018: Find a Mentor ~ Be a Mentor

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1 NIV)

Who can say this to you? To whom can you say it? What is a mentor? Let’s take this last question first: A mentor is simply a trusted friend. A mentor is not a Bible scholar. He or she may not have been a Christian for 100 years. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time. It takes a willingness and a commitment to be a growing disciple (as a mentee) and to grow a disciple (as a mentor).

Find a Mentor:                                                                                                                                                                                  Ever since I was saved in the spring of 1974, God has provided me with a mentor. Still today, I meet every week with another man. We can say anything to each other. We listen to each other. Listening is perhaps the mentor’s most important activity. We can confess temptation and sin. We can ask each other questions, some hard. We read the Bible together. We pray for one another. We imitate one another. We grow together.

Do you have someone in your life that can ask you hard questions? Is there someone to whom you are accountable before the Lord?

I also meet with a small group of men. We listen to each other, talk about things that concern men, advise each other, and pray for one another. I can call any of these men day or night! They can call on me any time they need someone.

Is this you? “I don’t need a human mentor; Jesus is my Mentor!” Of course He is! Each of us has the ever present, all knowing, all powerful, and all loving Holy Spirit within. But we also need what my wife calls “Jesus with skin on.” There are no lone rangers in the Bible. We grow rubbing elbows with each other! “Iron sharpens iron!” (Prov. 27:17)

“… Go and make disciples …”  (The Great Commission: Matthew 28:18-20)

Be a Mentor:                                                                                                                                                                                    Are you mentoring another believer? If not, why not?                                                                                                           Three Excuses:                                                                                                                                                                                       1. “I don’t know enough Bible.” As I said above, the main requirements of a mentor is to be a trusted friend and a good listener. Learn the Bible WITH your mentee. Who wants to be with a “know it all” anyway!?                        2. “I don’t have the time.” I spend an hour a week with my mentor and an hour a week with each person that I’m mentoring. I spend more time watching TV! Look at Jesus. Was He busy!? Yet, He found time to take His apostles aside. Paul was busy, but he found time to mentor Timothy, Titus, and many others. Very few investments will be more valuable, especially in light of eternity. Find the time! You will grow too. My mentees mentor me! Yours will mentor you!                                                                                                                                                                                            3. “What am supposed to do, just walk up to someone and ask, ‘Hey, want a mentor?’” (Asking someone to mentor you is easier than offering to be one.)

Now, this is a legitimate issue.

If you are a pastor, and you don’t have people mentoring one another – not just by chance – you need a vehicle for hooking up mentors and mentees. Both the church where I serve and the Christian university in our community have a system set up. It isn’t hard. I Google searched “Christian Mentoring” and got 6,360,000 hits! Develop a little training module. (You can start with this article.) Have two sign-up sheets in your foyer, one for those who’d like a mentor and one for those willing to be a mentor. People can sign-up on both lists. Gals with gals and men with men is best. Promote it. Set up a kick-off meeting time, and you’re up and running!

I Google searched “Testimonies of Christian Mentees” and got 7,680 hits! Here’s a short one:

“A great mentor is worth more than gold. They intangibly gift you their confidence to accomplish more than you could without them. For me my greatest advancements came when I had great mentors close to me.”                    Guy Richards, CEO, Abiah

Let someone invest in you!

Invest in someone else!

May your 2018 be your best year ever for the glory of our Head Mentor, Jesus Christ!


7 Responses to “GOALS FOR 2018: Find a Mentor ~ Be a Mentor”

    • Dave Kachele

      Thank you Pastor Robert! The first step would be to preview the 50 day journey, “THE RELUCTANT EVANGELIST: Embrace Your Gifts and Fulfill God’s Purpose.” You’ll be able to do so, and purchase if you decide, from this website. Then, get back to me here or on Facebook!
      Blessings, Dave

  1. Elkana Ochieng Odindo

    Good ministry win and Grow…..I like what you are doing and I would like to be part of you….I would like to be part of this,I want us to partner for the kingdom of God we almost do the similar things

    • Dave Kachele

      I can’t come at my own expense. The best way to partner for little expense is thru the book, “THE RELUCTANT EVANGELIST: Embrace Your Gifts and Fulfill God’s Purpose.” Preview it and purchase it from Amazon just by clicking on its pic on my website. Let me know when you get it and I can advise from here, via email or on Facebook. Blessings, Dave

  2. Bogere Martin

    Wow this I needed to read and know. Thank you so much. I think this is an answer to something that has been bothering me many of these days. Thank you for sharing. I now see what to do.

    • Dave Kachele

      PTL Bogere! I think we’re already friends on Facebook. That’s good so we can more easily stay in touch. BTW, I devote 7 teachings on mentoring in my book, “THE RELUCTANT EVANGELIST: Embrace Your Gifts and Fulfill God’s Purpose.” If you get it (just click on the book on this site; it’ll take you right to Amazon) please share your thoughts with me as you go through it. Blessings, Dave