What We Do

“Win and Grow” Helps Christians to Be More Effective Disciple Makers

We’ll come along side your leadership and help everyone to get engaged in personal outreach and discipleship.

A pendulum can be used to illustrate the difficulty in helping more believers to become more personally engaged in making disciples. It also can be used to show a remedy. The problem we have is that many of us as individuals and bodies of believers are over on the side of “demonstration” gospel while others of us are on the side of “word” gospel. The solution is to meet in the middle: THE GOSPEL MUST BE DEMONSTRATED AND PROCLAIMED! This adjustment to our efforts will draw more of us into the harvest field working together with our various gifts and personalities, and our shared God-given passion for the world that God wants to redeem.

Most outreach programs are given by evangelists for evangelists. Win and Grow is NOT another one of these programs. It’s organic. We will work with your “naturals”, but our focus will be on the 95% who have gifts other than of evangelism. In a recent survey of 841,627 laity and 120,572 pastors, only 3-5% had the dominant gift of evangelism.* Yet, every believer is concerned for someone who needs to know Jesus—that’s passion! It’s God-given passion for souls that we all have because each of us are partakers of His nature 2 Peter 1: 4 (read context 3-11). We’re connected to the Vine John 15:1-8. Win and Grow is dedicated to the belief that passion can be kindled and nurtured so that

all Christians can share their faith naturally without trying to be someone else, using their own gifts and personality.

(* While the %’s stay consistent, the numbers keep growing. Assess your spiritual gifts free at churchgrowth.org.)


How Does “Win and Grow” Work with Your Organization?

We will be sensitive to your needs, and tailor a plan that will address your goals:

One Day Seminars with Your Leadership*
“Come Along Side” for Up to 8 Weeks

Week 1: Assess your needs and develop a plan with you.

Weeks 2-8: Implement the 50 Day plan with the Whole Body.

Day 50: After His resurrection, Jesus stayed with His disciples 40 days. Ten days later, the church was born. We’ll have 7 weeks (49 days) with your Body. On Day 50, we’ll gather with the leadership again (including those developed over our time with you) . We will celebrate our accomplishments and discuss how to keep the ball rolling.

NOTE: When we leave we won’t be gone! Our objective is to develop sustainable ministry. We will check back and be available to you.

“Win and Grow” is a “come along side”
Ministry that will “stay along side”!

* One Day Seminars are designed to accomplish Week 1 goals. After spending the day with your leadership, you may decide that you can implement the plan without the further services of “Win and Grow”.

Our Materials

THE RELUCTANT EVANGELIST: Embrace Your Gifts and Fulfill God’s Purpose has been developed with over 35 years of study, research, and experience. It is a 50 day (7 weeks and a day) teaching devotional designed to help every believer focus their own gifts and personality on obeying the Great Commandments and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.